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Today we’re finishing up our #writerhelp blog series on Emerald Musings with a bang.  We’re talking today with Dr. Jennifer Bennett of iBloom Social Media. Dr. Bennett, a communication specialist focuses on helping business and ministries strategize, implement, and monitor the best plan to engage in the online world. She was kind and brave enough to take part in an Emerald Musings Tradition- the five-question interview.

So without any further ado, here’s the interview!

Me iBloom #3 GlassesQuestion # 1- You’ve been involved with the company iBloom for quite some time now. What first drew you to that company, and what about it encourages you to stay?

I LOVE this question. Kelly Thorne Gore (the founder of iBloom) and I have known each other since 2006. We met while taking part in a life coaching training together and at that training, we instantly clicked. During that time, we wanted to get into business together and decided to move forward with “Blooming Ministries” which would be a life coaching business. But soon into that, I really felt that I was being called by God to stay in education. So, I stayed while Kelly continued to move forward. Blooming Ministries became iBloom. I became a part of the iBloom team in June 2013 and really, it was a God moment. At the time, I resigned from my Social Media Account Executive role with a social media agency and little did I know, that the following day I would be offered a job with iBloom. And honestly, I have never looked back. What I love about iBloom and the reason I stay, is because it’s everything I believe in, am passionate about and it’s where I really feel that God has called me to be. At iBloom, we are all about revolutionizing the way women do business and live their lives and I LOVE helping women see just how AMAZING they are and how they can not only build successful businesses but that they can also live into their priorities.


Question # 2: As a social media expert, what are your thoughts on the idea of focusing on one or two social media outlets versus trying to get exposure on as many as you can? Can a writer or author get “over-exposed” in the social media world?

This is another great question. My advice has always been to think of the top 1-3 social media platforms that your ideal client is on. When you know what those platforms are, stick with those. I really believe that in order to do social media well, you have to pick and choose which platforms you will be active on. If you try to be active on all of them, you will most likely fail miserably because trying to keep up with all of them would be so tough. And not to mention that these platforms change on a regular basis. So yes, I think focusing on a couple of social media platforms where your target audience is, is key. And with that, I will say that I really do believe that everyone needs to be on Facebook. It’s the #1 platform and they are continually bringing about new updates that make it even easier and better for others to connect with their tribe, their community. While I don’t think an author can get “over-exposed” I do believe that they can get burnt out of they try to tackle all the social media platforms.

Question # 3- If there was one thing that an author could do to improve how they interact with potential new readers through social media, what would you suggest?

Be Human. Sometimes I think that we get caught-up in believing that our posts have to always be perfect. But really, people want to get to know you. Don’t be afraid to share posts that show who you really are and what your life really looks like. If you have a sink full of dirty dishes, share about that. What I’ve noticed is that when I share my life with my community, those tend to be the posts that get the most engagement. People want to get to know you, so be human. People love it.

Question # 4- What are your favorite pair of earrings right now?

Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with big earrings. I would have to say that my favorites are from Noonday Collection. They are these dangling earrings that shine! Oh, how I love them! I wear them everyday!

Question # 5- With all the different social media outlets available today, is it better to budget for an outside social media manager, or could a busy author handle it by themselves?

I’m a big believer in doing what you do best and then outsourcing the rest. We can waste so much time trying to do things that are not in our brilliance zone, that we end up losing time on doing the things that are in our brilliance zone. If an author doesn’t have time to do all of social media themselves, then I highly recommend that they do budget for a social media manager that will partner with them. The key word here is, partner. While a social media manager can handle many tasks that the author will not have to worry about, there are also a few things that can only come from the author themself. So, finding that perfect partnership is key.


I hoped you enjoyed this #writerhelp blog series on Emerald Musings.  I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute, including David Farland, Therese Walsh, Patricia Rossi and Dr. Jennifer Bennett.  If you missed the previous blogs in the series, you can find David Farland’s interview here,  Therese Walsh’s insights here, and words of wisdom from Patricia Rossi here. Please feel free to comment, and consider starting a conversation with these great people!

And as always, happy reading!


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